Sunset from Tusseplassen

Stay in beautiful Central Norway

FOR two years (2015-2017) we ran our bed and breakfast on Airbnb, where we reached Superhost status. In 2017, we let out our downstairs apartment to a lovely permanent tenant, which now means we don’t have any space to offer guests. We’re currently looking for a farm, where we can continue with our Happy Bee Retreat. Read on for more about our nature retreat concept.

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View of Landåsvatnet in spring

Our bed and breakfast concept

Our bed and breakfast concept is quite simple: it’s about jumping off the daily treadmill and tuning into the very real and wonderful natural world around us. We offer a place where you can retreat, reflect and simply be in nature.

Nature is the reason for Happy Bee Retreat’s existence. And by nature, we mean all of nature, the kind that is wild and off the beaten track; as well as the easily accessible.

If you feel as though this concept speaks to your heart and mind, then we warmly welcome you to our home. We hope you’ll experience more than simply a holiday, but also a natural way of life that’ll stay with you long after you leave.

Our bed and breakfast is perfect for:

Gapahuk on Bergstien

Why stay at Happy Bee Retreat?

We offer a beautiful and relaxing natural experience:

Cosy bed and breakfast accommodation in the Norwegian summer, and a silent retreat in the Norwegian winter. Our bed and breakfast is ideal as a quiet getaway for artists and writers seeking creative inspiration.

Breakfast or dinner (on demand) for people on a plant-based diet, whether fruitarian, raw or pure vegetarian (vegan). Our fruits and vegetables are sourced from local biodynamic growers (e.g. Alm Østre).

An allergy-friendly establishment. No need to worry about e-smog or being continuously on call: we don’t have a satellite dish, television, telephone, or smart meter installed in our home. We also ask guests to kindly refrain from smoking inside. We have a lovely BBQ hut where you are free to do that. Please note that we do have cats though, so if you are allergic to cat hair, please let us know.

Experience the real essence of Norway, and hire us as your local guide. We’ll take you off the beaten track.

We wouldn’t want your best friend to stay at home and miss out on all the fun. Our home is pet-friendly.

Take time out for yourself and slow down. We hope you’ll experience genuine peace and quiet while staying with us.

Sunny verandah

Fjellhaug, our home in Landåsbygda

Our home is a typical Norwegian wooden house built in the 1970s. The original owner was one of three siblings whose family owned the farm upon which our house stands. Each of the three siblings built their own house (those other houses still stand and are our neighbours). Our property was named Fjellhaug, which means a small hill, mound or elevation on a mountain.

Our house is built on top of a rocky outcrop, with several exposed rocks in our garden. The hill which we back onto is part of a much greater mountain called Venolhøgda, which you can access directly behind us.

Our garden is a typical forest (skog) garden, with mostly coniferous trees such as spruce (gran) and pine (furu), and some deciduous trees, such as birch (bjørk). Our garden slopes down towards the lake, which you can walk to in an easy five-minute walk.

Ice crystals in winter

Winter silent retreat in Landåsbygda

Winter is that time of year when life slows down, and thoughts and activities turn inward. The lake in Landåsbygda freezes and it’s possible to ski or walk across it. The surrounding forests and trails are covered in snow and ice, but with a pair of snow shoes and cross country skis, you can explore the great outdoors.

The days are short, but often with clear blue skies and several hours of sunshine. The temperatures drop but as the climate is dry, you won’t feel the chill factor as much as you would on the west coast.

When out on a hike or a run, take your camera with you. Maybe you’ll see a moose or a fox, or some other local wildlife. At night return home to the comfort of a log fire, read a book, contemplate the meaning of life, get back in touch with yourself, or just zone out and watch the flames dance.

We often have spectacularly dark, clear night skies here, as there is minimal light pollution. So you’ll definitely be able to study the universe.

In winter there’s no schedule and no stress. There’s only nature and all the time in the world.

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